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5,7 – Room 32

Imagine an average man.

An average man with an average life, average interests, an average job, average leisure activities. With an average dog, average allergies, in an average apartment, with an average salary and an average music taste. Such an average person gets up every morning, works every day, goes out for a beer or to the theatre on Fridays. He spends Sundays with family, he sometimes goes to the lake, reads a book, watches a movie. The thing that is the funniest of all is that when an average man looks around, he sees only average people. But, all in all it’s not surprising; there are in total about 5.7 billion average people in the world. This means that more than 78% of the population of the world are average people.

Don’t let that number grow.

To change your average world, you will need time. Maybe it will be seven years, maybe five months, maybe a week, or maybe 14 minutes. The whole story begins at the moment in which you realize that you can have an influence on what is happening around you.

In human history about 129 864 880 books have been written. Maybe it will take some time before any of them will change your life, but I promise you that at least one of them is able to do so.

Listen to music. Such one, which you have been closed to so far. Let it influence your most hidden parts of your body, mind. Listen to the words and let them shock you. You have a choice of 229 specified kinds of music, each consists of billions of sounds. Let this unique one reach you.

Watch movies. Browse colourful magazines. Paint, draw and enjoy the art. Walk around parks and gardens. Do everything that you have been afraid of doing so far. Look that all this can fit in your average world and cause turnabout in it. Get to know people. Kiss them become attached to them, sometimes turn them down, sometimes criticize their behaviour, but all this is to make both their and your world a better place because of your meeting. Treat every of them as a separate type that is looking for a change for something amazing.


There are more than 5.7 million average people in the world. More than 5.7 million average worlds.

Change at least one. And don’t let that number grow.


Grzesznik, Room 32

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