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Not by a chance, I was born in Vietnam. Vietnam engages, inspires and motivates entrepreneurs.

vietnam-creative-itemsI, the Entrepreneur Impet, was born in Vietnam in January 2014. On a white sandy beach a few kilometers from the UNESCO-listed town of Hoi An. Beautiful surroundings to come from! You may read about Hoi An here.

I was a result of a new year resolution. It did feel like I would come to life anyway in upcoming years. But did the location accelerate my decision to “stop thinking, start doing”? It looks to me that it did: Vietnam engages, inspires and motivates entrepreneurs.

As an outsider, it is a great country to step back from daily routine and look around. Vietnamese people are open and engaging. Entrepreneurs are on the streets. Every step I take, I learn that what makes an entrepreneur is a person, not an office.

vietnam-sewThis year, in January 2015, I came back to Vietnam for my first birthday. For the last several months, I truly wanted to go back to the place I came from and to celebrate my achievements. On the way, plans have changed and I did not reach Hoi An. Also, my entrepreneurship journey has taken longer than I had expected. Business successes are yet to come, so I left the “go back” trip for another year.vietnam-hairdresser

However, I want to leave a message for myself to always remember where I come from. It reconnects me to my dreams and equips me with energy and motivation to continue my entrepreneurship journey.

I also want to leave a piece of advice for myself: go back to Vietnam occasionally.

Millions of motorbikes and a few cars on the roads is my metaphor for the economy. Entrepreneurs outcast large corporate in numbers. Motorbikers may not be as wealthy as the car drivers but they are more agile, smile more often and seem to be happier on the roads.

A medium term plan originated during my trip to Vietnam this year. All the best that all our plans come true!

Entrepreneur Impet,

the system leader

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