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Children – a very broad subject!

Our future, and also teachers of living for today … these are they who live truly here and now. They are our experts in perception of people, their activities and situations in which they find themselves – they talk about what they see, and they see what they talk about. On the other hand, we- adults- often see the world wearing lenses called experience, assumption, social standards…

These are adults who a task to care for and to bring up their children has been assigned to. Many of us probably aren’t aware  what huge impact we have not only on our own children. We know from our own experience how much relationships contribute to our life, a relationship with our grandmother who spoils us, with our grandfather who tells us unforgettable stories, with a teacher who encourages us to study, with a doctor who treats our broken arms, with a neighbour who says to us ‘good morning,’ with a woman met on the street who smiles furtively at us… Yes, I realize that it is not always like that. It happens that we sometimes notice a sad indifference in a relationship between an adult and a child. It happens that we do nothing, and sometimes we even contribute to the formation of internal mental blocks of a child. Being aware of the consequences of our relationships with our children, we can support their development and, in the meantime, we can watch how they spread their wings.

Kids are our tomorrow. When they grow up, they will be the creators of other inventions which will make our lives easier, they will strive for world peace, they will plant other trees to have something to breathe … they might discover a cure for cancer. These are our children who will take care of us, when we- adults will be in our twilight years. So how do we want to take care of them, to raise them today? We can do nothing. But we can also show them respect, take care of them, support, love. We can also teach them entrepreneurship, which will develop in them resourcefulness so useful in adulthood.

Children show us life from a completely different perspective from the perspective of an adult. One of the dominant features of the children’s worldview is a never ending curiosity, a desire to explore, an ability to observe … Children have an awesome ability to be busy with something all the time, and their ideas are endless. All of this makes a child develop incredibly for the first few years of his life. Take a moment to think what your life would look like, if instead of being conservative, you followed your curiosity voice as a child? How much easier would it be for you to deal with situations uncertain for you, changing stress into curiosity about what’s around the next bend? How much easier would it be to gain experience, observing the world around with curiosity? Every fall, instead of being a failure, would be an interesting experiment. When a child falls down, he stands up quickly without wasting time on dilemmas. He knows that a few steps further on there is something interesting to do, experience… Perhaps around the bend there is a playground with his favourite swing. A child strives with great faith and determination for what he really wants at the given time.

We often say that a child can be pleased without reason and that we would like to do this too. But is it really like that it is so much fun without reason? And isn’t it that a child notices in an amazing and very simple way and appreciates this what is here and now? He appreciates the presence of loved ones who hug him and care for him. He notices a cat on the way to the park, flowers in the meadow for mom, a big lorry on the road which transports huge stones … and he notices rain which also gives a great joy because there is nothing like a jump in puddles. A child notices truly and appreciates what is here and now – living life to the fullest!

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Being a mother, an amazing discovery for me was to realize what a great abstraction for a small child is a sense of space and time. He doesn’t understand what in an hour, tomorrow, in three days mean, yet it is NOW! I have the impression that it is the lack of a sense of time that largely affects the enjoyment of what is here and now. I do not think about what has been because it has already been. I don’t think about what will be, because it will be. I think about NOW. As if I am devoting myself fully to what I’m doing, what I do. I am living life to the fullest NOW – not yesterday, not tomorrow, but NOW! 🙂

Today, I would love to have all of these children’s skills. My day would be far more filled with the fullness of life. Fortunately, I assume that I’m learning all the time and there is no obstacle to begin to look at our life and choices with curiosity, to look at what will happen and how it will happen, instead of living in fears… to hop on our favourite swing around the bend, feeling that I really live!

In the Entrepreneur Impet we notice children, we appreciate them, we hear them … we take inspiration from this relationship every day. On the other hand, we also want to encourage our children to develop their resourcefulness, to care for them, to do something for them. We are currently at the stage of gathering ideas, both for how to take inspiration from children, and how to support them.

That’s the way how EI Kids is being created in Entrepreneur Impet. Already in 2013 we sought advice among the kids during the preparation of training projects and the creation of posters. Then in autumn of 2015 Entrepreneur Impet implemented the project in which the kids played a key role. You could find that out during 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Week when these were they who told us about the sources of motivation to work. You can see effect of our joint activities in our gallery on Facebook. This project was warmly welcomed and thanks to this we have decided to start our adventure with the kids once and for all, creating Enterprising Kids.

Do you have any ideas for engaging kids in life of Entrepreneur Impet?
… or maybe you know how Entrepreneur Impet can support kids’ development on their way to adulthood? We would appreciate  your ideas, tips and remarks, the big and the little ones, the realistic and unrealistic ones.

Contact us by our contact form or by leaving a comment.

Best Regards,
Ewa Dzida & EI Team

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