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Dreams of start-up coffee

Who would actually be able to predict what will be in the backpack called ‘project / start up’ and how much it will sometimes weigh?

As – possibly – a large part of people, I lived with a vision of the glorious future, of world conquer, of people paying homage at the sound of the name of our future university, of prestige in the air…

Well, maybe not exactly. But almost.


If you have ever wanted to buy a one-way ticket to Siberia – for yourself or people you work with – it’s either you have pretty bad luck, or you have gone through the same thing as I have recently and I fully understand that transferring ideas into practice is not a piece of cake. Unless it is stale…

When we got caught up in a ‘small’ crisis, we saw only one option – to find a way to solve it. Nothing else was an option.

Our option was Tomek Dzida. He listened to us and talked, and primarily he gave us a compass in hand, and showed that we had already a map and boots on a thick sole.


We mostly worried about a problem with work culture. We often could not come to an agreement, could not separate work so that it was done, and the people with whom we worked seemed to speak in a few foreign languages simultaneously.

We have learned that at the stage of implementing ideas into concrete actions and trying out possible options, it is quite natural. Because then we cannot successfully determine the methods of operation and the common values to the whole team. Only the development of the model and repetitive processes will be a source of stability, and it will emerge over time.

Tomek has advised us to try to raise awareness within the group about different types of personalities and communication styles. A step towards this was, among other things, to take an online test based on Jungian theory, as well as to take part in the training of communication. All of these things have had an aim to help us see that we are radically different in some aspects, and to let us not draw our swords or another hardware for next misunderstandings.


Differences in the vision on the project among the people in the team have turned out to be the reason for another compulsory stop on our way. Each of us imagined the scale differently and the direction in which it should have developed. We reached the point when we all were paddling, but not necessarily in the same direction. We were guided by our personal values, not by common ones to our initiative, and it had a direct impact on our operations.

We have followed the advice of Tomek and decided to get closer to set our actual identification. One way has been to try to define ourselves when we make decisions and to observe the limitations that we impose on ourselves then. Saying ‘no’ to certain possibilities, we exactly get to know what, in fact, we create.

We also have decided to set the allocation of responsibilities and decision-making model to give the greatest influence on the decisions and direction of the project to those who are particularly interested in its long-term success. Everyone could be involved to the extent which suits them best. Because we wanted to escape from a situation in which some people feel forced to work more than they want, while others cannot do as much as they want…


because then coffee would not taste as good as it could. Coffee

– a very important element – for many reasons…

Enjoy your coffee!

Martyna Gulczyńska

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