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I enjoy every next step and I am not afraid to be afraid…

Below you will read an interview with Sylwia, who after the birth of her child terminated the employment contract and started preparations for the foundation of her own company. The 100 Days Entrepreneur Impet helped her make the right decision and organize activities around the desired objective effectively.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on what I enjoy doing most. I am writing and inspiring, I am looking for new and real ideas to tell about the world, people and products. Besides, I am in the process of organizing issues around the foundation of my own business. At the beginning of October my company should already exist.

You have completed the 100 Days Entrepreneurs Impet Programme. What stage were you at when you entered into the project?

I was at the good stage but as it turned out at not exactly right one. When I started the100 Days Entrepreneur Impet I had a strong motivation to start my own business. I entered into the project with a specific idea for my company and product. I wanted to produce creative boxes for children and their parents. The product, which would be a pretext for creative and exploratory play together. However, during the programme I realized very quickly that it was not the right way. The proper one was associated with writing.

Do you remember what emotions, thoughts and reality you entered into the programme with?

I remember perfectly. In a nutshell, I can say that my emotions and thoughts were my opponent. I was very involved in starting my self-employment but at the same time when I started to act obstacles on my way started to appear. This reminded me what fear, uncertainty and doubts were. I did not know if I could handle the organization of work around the product and the foundation of my own business.

Why have you decided to participate in the 100 Days Entrepreneurs Impet Programme?

I have learned how to benefit from the support of the others, and the Entrepreneur Impet Pogramme gave me the support I needed then. I was persuaded by the flexible formula of the programme, i.e., you set an individual schedule for your contact with a coach and a mentor, and most importantly, I could afford that programme because the price is adjusted to the financial capacity of a participant. It was the best decision that I made at that time.

What did your participation in the programme look like and how did it work?

I had individual conversations via Skype. I received support from a mentor and a coach. I talked with the mentor about the work organization on the production. We were working on a specific action plan. I learned to work smoothly. I worked on strengthening of self-esteem with the coach and finding strength in my own resources.

What has the programme changed in your everyday life?

It has changed a lot. First of all, I have learned a good work organization, much better than it was when I entered into the programme. I remember that I could come to a standstill and look at the situation when nothing moved forward. Now everything is different. I set the goal and the way to achieve it. I have changed but without revolution. The change has been and still is a process. I got stronger. I make decisions boldly. I have allowed my skills and strengths to speak. Now, I am benefiting from them without the embarrassment

How would you rate the programme and its usefulness?

My participation in the programme has been very useful. I noticed the effect of working with a coach and a mentor quickly. I have built my career path that I am currently following, which gives me a lot of satisfaction. I have learned how to effectively plan my actions. I am very positively surprised by the changes that have been in my everyday life, in my approach to life and business development. The programme has strengthened me very much and I have gained knowledge and experience which are my pillars for the future. I am developing my business on the basis what I have learned. I enjoy every next step and I am not afraid to be afraid. The programme has given me more than I expected, and this cannot be described, it must be experienced.


Thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best in your business.

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