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Metro – Room 32

Somebody cries

Somebody shouts

Somebody plays the violin

Everybody goes

Nobody will stop

Over the crying girl

By the arguing couple

Nobody will put a coin for the violinist

Everybody rushes

Just straight ahead

They don’t see, don’t want to

They go

Frozen in time

I can see how the violinist ceases

He approaches the girl

Weeping so much

He carries a small flower

And gives it to her

Scream is louder and louder

Hope for agreement decreases

The girl approaches

Laughs so loud

Hugs the boy

She takes his hand

Passes to his love

And claps for encouragement

They look at each other in the eyes

This arguing couple

The girl leaves

Knowing that in such a dark place

She can count on sunrise


Koala, Room 32

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