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Optimism is an ability to smile through tears

For several years I have heard that I am an optimistic leader. I can tell from the reactions of colleagues and teams which I have led, how much my optimistic attitude has helped to overcome fears, uncertainties and doubts. Often optimism is just what we need as a team to get out of a stressful situation. To get out with a smile and still want to work together. Because as my coach of leadership said, “It’s easy to be a leader on sunny days, but you’re a real leader when it rains.”

I am 38 years old, and it is strange that only three months ago I realized what optimism is really for me and who in my family has made me so optimistic. I have met in my life a lot of optimistic people. However, as far as my optimism is concerned, I reflect myself mainly in the grandma Trudzia.

She has always been cheerful, she has always smiled, and in difficult moments she has always said, “Look, it’ll be fine.“ It’ll be fine in childhood, when my mum goes to hospital. It’ll be fine in adolescence, when I start my university education without financial basis. Three months ago I heard from my grandma once again, “It’ll be fine,” – this time my grandfather, her husband, passed away.

They lived together for 63 years … My grandfather died at home. I can see how my grandma stays by his body, leans against the bed frame and cries. I can see the family around- the children, grandchildren of grandparents. And I can see how my grandma is happy that we have come to say goodbye to our grandfather. At one point, grandma smiles at me, as always. Although this time, she smiles through tears and she says, “That was supposed to happen. We were quarreling who of us would pass away first, and he pulled a stunt on me and passed away earlier. But he was to pass away earlier. Because I could take care of him and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to take care of me. Look, it’ll be fine. ”

Then I realized it. I realized that optimism is an ability to smile through tears. I realized that it is grandma in our family that I owe immense deposits of optimism to – those that I have and those that I as a leader spread further. Everything seemed to fit like in a jigsaw puzzle. Because my motto is that in every event that happens there is something positive. And when I don’t see it, it just means that not enough time has passed yet.

Optimism is a treasure in my entrepreneur’s backpack. It doesn’t make that falls hurt less. But it makes that I look more open-mindedly at things that happen to me in my way of developing Entrepreneur Impet. Every day, even when it rains.

Grandma, thank you for layette. 🙂
Tomek, the EI team

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