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SPOCO Coffee and The Butterfly Effect

Any physical system that behaves non-periodically is unpredictable. – Edward Lorenz

Edward Lorenz, an American mathematician and meteorologist, said that you couldn’t create the good weather forecast for more than several days in advance.

He proved that a small change in one of the points in the atmosphere could cause great changes in its other areas.

To illustrate this, Edward said that, “even a flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brasil can cause a tornado in Texas.” Hence this sensitivity of the system is called the butterfly effect.

And how can the Butterfly Effect be connected with SPOCO Coffee?

You give us the energy to act with a good word. Thanks to the appreciation of our efforts and ourselves, we want to involve even more.

SPOCO Coffee is the only form of funding for Entrepreneur Impet. The coffee, which you buy us, is the resources that allow us to act and gather new experiences.

We do not promise that we will change the world for the better. But if a butterfly can cause a tornado …

Thank you.

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