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What is EI to me…

What is Entrepreneur Impet to me?

In the beginning it was a great unknown, a set of values to which it was difficult to trust from the very beginning due to the fact that they were characterized by honesty and … goodness.

Then it was the engine, the catalyst of engagement, a set of one million ideas and a promise for more, next a mystery.

What is EI to me right now? It’s a fulfillment of my dreams of bringing goodnessJ I sometimes had the impression that everyone around me evaluates, criticizes, sees only negatives, thanks to EI I got a shot of this what I needed – assurance that my way, the way that my mother taught me, is a right way, it was what I needed and what I got in the very beginning.

EI is like my engine, the centre of tools that I can use to accomplish my goals. My goals also have been taken from here… from EI. They have always been but I didn’t see them – thanks to EI I can appreciate not only the people around me, but also myself. This means that EI is also my mirror image. All I wanted to do in my life – I can do! It’s amazing and soothing.

EI is also the inspiration, development, self-confidence – in recent times before I discovered EI, I had missed that. Now I am slowly beginning to believe again in the fact that I am able to, that I can, that I could do it, that I’m good at something and that someone is proud of me.

EI is the relief from sorrow and grief, the ability to reflect my own reality in someone else’s. And it’s drawing of healing conclusions.

EI is my resolution for the future J The place where I can be myself without appraising looks, without looking back. The place where there are people like me. Where I can follow the path that I have always wanted to follow (unconsciously / consciously). J

EI is a set of values and behaviors, from which I want to get as much as possible for myself, it is discovering of another person, so that I can go forward and overcome my weaknesses.

I sometimes wonder if fate didn’t work equivalently – it took, but also gave. (…)

E. Croit – EI Member, 2015

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